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Local Veteran, Comedian, and Realtor Throws Hat in For Circleville Mayor

Brad with Daughter Vivienne

CIRCLEVILLE – A local man says he wants to run for mayor because he wants to see Circleville thrive, and he says he’s the man to do it.

“As a 38 year old husband and father that resides in downtown Circleville, we need our town to come to terms that it needs to begin to embrace its residents. Youth need more options to fill their free time, residents need better road maintenance and Circleville needs a mayor that will stand up and make drug dealers think twice in our town. We need to clean up the town and hold those accountable that are leaving homes unkempt, keep landlords accountable, and start rejuvenating our city. Residents should be the priority 100% of the time. Circleville is a full time city, we need a full time Mayor,” said Prickett.

Brad Prickett (D) is a resident of downtown Circleville since Aug 2013. Prickett served his country around the world in the United States Army,  Attended and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from Franklin University, currently works as a operator at Decker Construction, and a realtor for Partners for Home Connection from Rise Realty Co. Prickett is married and lives in Circleville’s Historical District with his wife and daughter Vivienne. Prickett enjoys cutting loose with his comedy facebook group Mechanic with Brad.

“I’m passionate about helping Circleville thrive. I’ve been places and have seen things that make me an open minded individual driven to help Circleville,” said Prickett.

For more information about Bradley Prickett for Circleville Mayor check out his facebook group for updates. 




  1. I am so tired of SLUMLORDS in Circleville ( and oh would I love to call a few out!) charging people outrageous rent for something they wouldn’t live in! I’m speaking for good decent people that keep their homes nice and can’t afford high rent. There is something wrong when 2 people (let alone a single person) only making minimum wage can’t afford a place to live. People who make minimum wage fall in the cracks, you either have to make great money or none at all! Those making min. wage usually make too much to qualify for financial aid and not enough to make ends meet, and no I am not one of them. I feel bad for young couples with children who have to live in less than adequate housing and have to choose whether to pay rent, eat or spend the money for gas to get to work! Enough!

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