Home News Your Local Overnight Weather Forecast 10/26/2019

Your Local Overnight Weather Forecast 10/26/2019



From our friends at Ohio News and Weather We have been looking at model data and we have noticed models are showing some very aggressive conditions in terms of wind gusts across the area. In fact, some models suggested over 50 MPH gusts across the area tonight.

However, after looking over some discussions from the National Weather Service, we find that we likely won’t see wind gusts as aggressively high due to a rain-cooled surface and warmer air aloft. This is called an inversion, merely creating a “road block” for higher gusts to reach the surface.

With that said, we still will see some gusty winds between 30 and 45 MPH overnight tonight. We have seen several reports of wind damage from Alabama to Indiana today, some of which had no warnings issued. There will be a period of higher gusts possible, but not long enough to issue an advisory or warning for it appears.

We will continue to keep an eye on things tonight, but do not be shocked to see some strong gusts across the area tonight, and maybe even a few isolated outages.

– 7:57 PM 10/26/2019