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Ross County – Local Nurse Launches Starr STNA to Address Under-Served Community


Frankfort, Ohio – Kelli Stout, a seasoned nursing professional with two decades of experience under her belt, has taken a bold step to address the shortage of educational opportunities for nursing assistants in the Ross County community and its surrounding areas. Recognizing a pressing need for quality training programs, Stout, a Frankfort native, founded Starr STNA, a new initiative aimed at providing accessible and comprehensive education for aspiring nursing aides.

The inspiration for Starr STNA struck Stout last summer when she noticed a glaring gap in educational resources for nursing assistants in her community. Despite the high demand for certified nursing aides in various healthcare settings, including nursing homes, long-term care facilities, assisted living centers, and home health agencies, Stout found limited options for training programs, with the Pickaway Ross Joint Vocational Center being the primary local source. Determined to fill this void, Stout embarked on a journey to realize her vision of creating a company that not only served the community but also contributed to the healthcare industry.

After months of meticulous planning, certification classes, rigorous inspections, and navigating through the bureaucratic maze of program applications, Starr STNA received the long-awaited approval for its establishment and operation.

On April 1, 2024, Starr STNA officially opened its doors for registration, marking a significant milestone in addressing the shortage of nursing assistant education in the region. Situated at 12 N. Main Street in Frankfort, Ohio, the program center will offer monthly classes in the evenings from 5:30 to 9:30, spanning three weeks. Additionally, each program will include a weekend clinical session held at an affiliate facility in Chillicothe, running from 6 am to 2:30 pm.

With a total program cost of $686, Starr STNA aims to make quality education accessible to all aspiring nursing aides. Interested individuals can reach out to Kelli Stout for registration information via text, call, email, or Facebook. Moreover, an Open House event is scheduled for Saturday, April 6, from 10 am to 2 pm at the center, providing an opportunity for prospective students to meet the team, ask questions, and register for the program.

Stout’s initiative with Starr STNA not only addresses a critical need for trained nursing assistants but also underscores her commitment to giving back to the community and contributing to the healthcare sector. As the program gains momentum, it is poised to empower individuals seeking a rewarding career in healthcare while bolstering the workforce in essential healthcare facilities across the region.