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Local Authorities Warn Of Firework Use


CIRCLEVILLE -South Bloomfield Police posted a warning for all the amateur firework shows that are coming in the area during the week of the Fourth, “Attached is the law regarding fireworks in the State of Ohio. Basically what it says is if it flys, explodes, or both its illegal. So please, enjoy the local fireworks shows, but leave the flying and exploding stuff to the pros. Also might save you a citation if our officers are called to your home on a fireworks complaint.”


Circleville Fire Department also put out a warning, “It is Fourth of July weekend…a weekend of celebrating, cookouts, fun times with the family and fireworks. I would like to remind people once again the fireworks that leave the ground and have an aerial burst are ILLEGAL in the State of Ohio unless you have variances and permits from the local fire chief and then Ohio Fire Marshal’s Office. That is why  when you purchase fireworks at those fireworks stores you have to sign a paper saying you are taking them to another state. In addition, there is a safety factor as well. People could get hurt if there is an accidental ground burst, people can get burned, the burning fragments could land on someone’s house or start a grass/field fire. In addition, the noise can create anxiety in animals. Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep yourself save and do not set off fireworks on your own. Go to one of the firework shows that have permits and trained shooters.” 


Stay save everyone!

There are lots of firework shows going on around the area this next week, tonight fireworks will be at the Pickaway County Fairground at 10 pm, Washington Court House has Fireworks on the 3rd at the fairgrounds, and Ashville’s fireworks are on the 4th.