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Lindsey’s Bakery Reopening, Catering to Cruisers on Saturday


CIRCLEVILLE – Circleville crusin exploded last month on a Saturday night event, since that happened lots of people have asked for more. Local creator of Take back the Strip Jeff Coleman was overwhelmed with the success.

His local group Take back the strip Circleville Cruise nights has swelled over the past weeks from a mere handful of people to over 2,556 members.

Most of the new members have posted showing off their rides, videos of the first Circleville Cruise, and asking when is the next one.

Since then Coleman has been working out the details on the May 2 event, wanting to not only bring people together with the cruise but to also try to benefit the people in need during the pandemic.

“We are taking back the strip again! This time we are asking you to bring a non-perishable food item to Donate! We want these cruises to be good for our community so we will be donating all food to the local food pantries! Josh Dick has stepped up and is letting us setup a collection spot at 778 North Court St. there is plenty of room to get in and make a loop in the lot and hop right back on the cruise route. We will have signs posted.”

One local bakery has also jumped into the cruising idea and announced reopening of their store on May 1 and special hours May 2 at 6 pm they will be offering hot fresh donuts through the drive through downtown.

Our video of the Cruise received 100,000 views so far showing how interesting and a big of a deal this was for the area.

Coleman tonight after checking with local officials has announced a new and improved cruise night set for May 2nd. A time stamp if 6 pm to 10 pm will be set for this event, a few rules and a new cruise route that was set up to ease traffic issues that police pointed out from the last cruise.

“With the size and popularity of the last one we are expecting even more this time! So we have made some changes to the cruise route. We have took the tips from the CPD on the last cruise and are stretching the route in the hopes of keeping traffic flowing,” said Coleman.


South End:
Court St south to Walmart South entrance into their lot then back out next to KFC and back on to Court St.

North End:
North Court Stree turning right on Morris Rd.
Morris Rd to the entrance of the old Carnival Foods store and then back out on Court to head back into town.

Coleman said they will have signs up for the cruse route on Saturday to help drivers navigate the routes.

“I know people will be out this weekend on the strip and that’s great. There is nothing stopping people from meeting up and cruising just please be respectful of the town its citizens and the CPD.

Any questions please hit us up and we will do our best to answer. We we out and ran this route a few times Thursday and we feel this will be the best way to keep the cars moving! If in time the crowd shrinks we will adjust the turnaround spot on the North end. We feel keeping the South end the same no matter how large the group is is the best option

Thanks guys this is beyond anything we could have imagined it would be!