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Letter to the Editor – Wenstrup Puts Ohio 2nd District First


Congress isn’t known for doing an effective job on most issues, but thankfully we have a representative in Rep. Brad Wenstrup, who has made a point to put the 2nd district first. In his votes in the House and his work on the important Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Wenstrup has done a fine job especially representing our small business interests in Washington, D.C. Thanks to his leadership, Ohio recently added more than 83,000 jobs.

We need Rep. Wenstrup to continue speaking up for small businesses, especially when some members of Congress have introduced bills to change the “de minimis” threshold, which could seriously impact small sellers and merchants here. De minimis exempts any imports worth less than $800 from customs taxes, which lets small sellers bypass burdensome paperwork and actually focus on their customers. But if the de minimis threshold is changed by bad legislation, small businesses that can’t afford higher import taxes will suddenly be at an even greater disadvantage when it comes to competing with traditional retail giants.

Rep. Wenstrup has always done what’s best for us in the 2nd district. He should make sure legislation impacting de minimis doesn’t hurt Ohio businesses.

Rick Dieringer

Tri-State Supply, Owner