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Letter to the Editor – Ohio Needs to Return as a Leader in Energy

David Glass, running for Ross County Commissioner.

To the editor,

Ohio has the opportunity to fully maximize its potential and return as a leader in energy. Today Americans can feel the impact of inflation and rising costs at the grocery store, fuel pump, and on their monthly utility bills. Exploring and maximizing our resources in Ohio, especially natural gas, can help support Ohio’s economy and restore the United States position as a leader in energy production on an international stage while lowering costs here at home.

Energy exploration right here in the Buckeye State is vital to the success of our local communities and the health of family checkbooks in every home. We must elect leaders who will unleash our own resources, standing up and not in the way of progress. President Biden and Ohio US Senator Sherrod Brown have attacked American energy and have minimized or in some cases halted our ability to utilize low-cost & dependable energy resources like coal and natural gas. Bernie Moreno on the other hand has been an ally to the energy industry. Now more than ever, the stakes are high and we must elect Bernie Moreno to the United States Senate. Moreno is the only candidate to pave the way for Ohio to be at the forefront of American energy independence. 

With the rising price of fuel, groceries, and manufactured good, Ohio can be a leader in combating these cost increases. We must encourage and support energy exploration throughout the state.

-David Glass 

David Glass is the Chairman of the Ross County Republican Party and a candidate for Ross County Commissioner. He has served in roles across Ohio supporting local economic & community development.