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Letter to the Editor Choice is Clear for U. S. Senate



The choice is clear. The decision for the United States Senate comes down to one factor: which candidate is going to secure the border and keep American families safe?

Bernie Moreno and President Trump are America First patriots who will secure the border, crack down on cartels, stop the free flow of fentanyl to every corner of the country, and will protect Ohio taxpayers.

Career politicians Sherrod Brown and Joe Biden put America Last, favor illegal immigrants over hard working taxpayers, and fight to keep the border wide open.

Look no further than Brown’s latest anti-taxpayer vote to block a Senate trial for Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayarkos, who was impeached by the House of Representatives.

Mayorkas should have been held accountable for the dangerous and deadly disaster of their own decision to keep the border wide open.

Sherrod Brown’s vote to stop Mayorkas is a typical swamp coverup. The Senate won’t do its job to hold Mayorkas’s feet to the fire. Now it’s time for Ohio voters to hold career politician Sherrod Brown accountable in November.

Sandy Darby
Scioto South Precinct