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Lehner Announces $450,000 Real Estate Fee Waiver for Ross County Subdivisions


Chillicothe, Ohio — Ross County Auditor Jeff Lehner has announced that his office will waive approximately $450,000 in real estate fees as part of the county’s second half 2024 property tax levy distribution. This follows last year’s refund of nearly $500,000 in fees to Ross County’s school districts, townships, and other levying jurisdictions.

“With this action, we will have cut and returned nearly $1 million in excess fees from the Auditor’s real estate office budget since last year,” Lehner stated. “It’s our way of helping to produce a leaner, more efficient Ross County government. I think that’s what people want to see from us, and we’re going to keep pressing from here.”

Each property tax collection season, county auditors in Ohio calculate levy revenues proportional to each levy’s millage and distribute them accordingly to each taxing authority. For these services, a fee to fund the Auditor’s real estate office operations is withheld from these distributions.

Lehner addressed questions about the distribution of these funds: “I was asked last year why we didn’t return these funds directly to taxpayers. I would have loved to do that, but state law requires that these fees can only be returned to taxing districts via their governing authorities. This move is the best available alternative to allowing these funds to sit in the County’s account without any clear purpose or plan.”

He continued: “Government proves again and again — money taxed beyond actual needs that sits too long is often wasted. We’re doing what we can in the Auditor’s office to stand up for taxpayers; cutting these fees is part of that effort. If we don’t need it, we shouldn’t take it.”

Ross County residents with questions are encouraged to contact Auditor Lehner via email.