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Kenworth Delivers First T680 Daycab with Natural Gas Engine to UPS


In a momentous ceremony held at Kenworth’s Chillicothe plant on February 20, Kenworth marked a significant milestone by delivering the inaugural T680 daycab equipped with a 15-liter natural gas engine to UPS. The event was attended by key figures from both Kenworth and UPS, underscoring the importance of this innovative collaboration in the realm of sustainable transportation.

Anthony Marshall, UPS’s vice president of maintenance and engineering, along with Dennis Elford, its director of maintenance and engineering, were honored recipients of the truck’s keys, presented by Kevin Haygood, Kenworth’s assistant general manager for sales and marketing. Also present at the ceremony were prominent figures including Doug VanZuiden, Kenworth Chillicothe plant manager, Kevin Tobin, Kenworth general sales manager, and Doug Powell, Kenworth director of fleet management.

Powered by the Cummins X15N engine running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), the Kenworth T680 heralds a new era of eco-friendly transportation. This delivery marks the commencement of a series of trucks featuring this cutting-edge powerplant, destined for UPS’s fleet. Boasting a horsepower range of 400-500 hp and up to 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque, the engine promises impressive performance capabilities. The first UPS truck showcases the engine rated at 400 hp with 1,650 lb.-ft. of torque, paired seamlessly with an Eaton Endurant HD Automated Transmission and a 175-diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) fuel delivery system.

Expressing Kenworth’s commitment to sustainability, Kevin Haygood remarked, “We’re pleased to lead the way with yet another clean engine option for our customers.” He further emphasized UPS’s longstanding partnership with Kenworth in pioneering alternative fuel vehicles, dating back 15 years. The introduction of the Cummins X15N engine underscores Kenworth’s dedication to meeting stringent EPA emission requirements and CARB 2024 Low NOx standards, with CO2 and NOx levels 90% below current EPA standards.

Anthony Marshall of UPS expressed enthusiasm for the acquisition of the T680 with the innovative 15-liter natural gas engine, highlighting its pivotal role in augmenting UPS’s global fleet of alternative fuel vehicles. With aspirations to achieve 40% alternative fuel in ground operations by 2025 and carbon neutrality by 2050, UPS views this addition as instrumental in realizing their ambitious sustainability goals.

Kenworth Truck Company, renowned for its excellence in heavy- and medium-duty truck design and manufacturing, continues to spearhead advancements in sustainable transportation solutions. As a subsidiary of PACCAR, Kenworth remains at the forefront of innovation, driving progress towards a greener and more efficient future in the transportation industry.