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Intel Superload to Roll Into Ross County Today


A massive “super load” is set to traverse through Chillicothe and Ross County today as part of its journey from a dock near Manchester in Adams County to New Albany in Licking County. This is the fourth in a series of nearly two dozen super loads, with each load being a significant logistical feat.

The load measures 19 feet 3 inches tall, 20 feet wide, and 128 feet 6 inches long, weighing a staggering 378,400 pounds. It is an air processor component related to the new Intel plant, adding to the anticipation surrounding its transportation.

The convoy is scheduled to depart at approximately 8 am, embarking on a carefully planned route. It will travel north on the SR 239 Southbound ramp to SR 73/SR 852 before navigating south in the northbound lanes of SR 73/SR 852 to U.S. Route 52. From there, it will head east in the westbound lanes on U.S. Route 52 to U.S. Route 23 in Portsmouth.

Continuing its journey, the convoy will travel north on U.S. Route 23 to the intersection of Kinneys Lane and Argonne Road, where it will cross over into the northbound lanes. Upon reaching Piketon, it will navigate through southbound lanes at Market Street before returning to the northbound lanes of U.S. Route 23.

The convoy will then proceed north on U.S. Route 23 to Chillicothe, where it will take U.S. Route 35 west to SR 104 north. It will continue past the SR 207/SR 104 interchange before reaching its overnight location north of the intersection of State Route 207/104.

As the super load makes its way through each county, residents are encouraged to follow their local ODOT District on social media for updates on its progress. The estimated delivery date for this monumental journey is Tuesday, April 9th.