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House Committee Advances Bill to Protect First Responder Information


COLUMBUS—Today, the House Civil Justice Committee advanced House Bill 265, a measure aimed at safeguarding sensitive information regarding first responders from public disclosure under public records law. State Rep. Thomas Hall (R-Madison Twp.), the bill’s sponsor, made the announcement following the committee’s decision.

Under the proposed legislation, documents pertaining to Ohio’s first responders, including work schedules, redaction request forms, and affidavits, will be shielded from public access.

Explaining the rationale behind the bill, Representative Hall emphasized its importance in providing peace of mind to first responders regarding the safety of their families while they carry out their duties in ensuring community safety. He expressed optimism about the bill’s progress through the legislative process, anticipating its successful passage in the Ohio House.

In addition to protecting specific documents, House Bill 265 seeks to clarify additional information safeguarded under the Ohio Revised Code.

With the committee’s approval, House Bill 265 now moves to the House floor for further consideration and a vote. This development marks a significant step forward in the legislative journey of the bill, signaling growing support for enhancing protections for the privacy and security of Ohio’s first responders.