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Horse Race Betting: Avoid These 5 Mistakes and Win the Pot


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Betting is a fun and exciting pastime by many worldwide, and one of the famous events that are best for betting is horse racing. However, many have also lost interest as they constantly face misfortune and lose in horse race betting.

If you want to continue this hobby of yours, you might want to consider pointing out common mistakes made by the punters before you. So, to help you sort things out, let me present to you five mistakes you should never commit, ensuring that you will win the pot money. 

Betting Constantly

When it comes to betting, you should learn that you do not need to fight every battle you will encounter. Choose wisely and only bet on races that truly have value. Thus, you could check out the tvg racing odds guide before participating in a bet. Both beginners and recreational bettors often commit this mistake, and it is challenging not to get tempted. 

There are so many horse racing events each year where you can bet. It is why you might find it hard not to bet on every single one of them. However, if you want to win, you should learn to choose your battles. 

Choose races that you are familiar with, the location, and the participants. This way, you can effectively handicap the race and correctly choose the best contender to win. Always stick to your budget, so it means that you should put your bets on an important race.

Becoming Greedy

It is very easy to get caught up by the moment when it comes to gambling, and you will never notice that you are becoming greedy. Stay on your budget no matter how hard you want to try to win back what you have lost. In this game, you will win some, and you will lose some. Accept the fact and move on. 

Moreover, some also wanted to win more. They wanted to take home many winnings, which made them greedy. If you give in to this urge, you will have to kiss your earnings goodbye as it will be flushed down the drain if you cannot get contented. 

You should not constantly run after the most significant race each year. Although, you can do it once in a while, just not often. Chasing big fish will increase your winnings and help you grow as a punter. 

Being Discouraged by Weight Increases or Heavy Weights 

Not because a specific horse seems to carry more weight or increased weight means that he could not win a race. Although a horse’s weight is one of the vital factors in handicapping as a form of analysis, it should be kept in perspective. 

Remember that weight is only one of many factors that can influence the outcome of a race, and it is far from the most important. There are more factors you should consider and bring into the whole picture before judging a horse. 

It has been noticed that horses with big weights often win a race and give punters a better return. Therefore, don’t get easily put off by big weights. Assess your horse as a whole and not only by the weights he carries. 

Betting With Your Heart 

Snap yourself out of it and wake up to the reality that betting is just for fun. Never make it a serious thing, and avoid betting with your heart. If you do this, you will lose the bet, plus lose your heart. 

Normally, you will develop a liking for a particular horse as a regular punter. As a result, you would want to bet on every race he is running. And as a big fan, you will automatically bet on that favorite horse without assessing the race and the competitors. 

Additionally, it would be best if you constantly reminded yourself that he will win, not because you want a horse to win. It will still be a matter of luck and good performance. 

Being Overconfident 

Overconfidence is often followed by loss and disappointment. No matter how long you have been wagering on horses. Or how long you have been studying this game or a particular horse. 

Even if you know that the horse you are betting is the best amongst the race lineup, do not become too complacent. Always prepare yourself for whatever outcome it may give you. Always consider that there will be someone better than you, and there will always be a horse better than your favorites.

Always keep your feet on the ground. Too much confidence will ruin your betting strategy as well as your momentum. It will result in losing and never getting hold of the pot money you are aiming for. 

Increase Your Chance of Winning 

You should always remember that you will win some in this kind of game, but you will also lose some. However, increase your chance of winning the pot by avoiding such mistakes mentioned in this article and learning to bet the right way.