Home News “Holiday Hotcake Hootenanny” in Chillicothe to Help Youths in Need

“Holiday Hotcake Hootenanny” in Chillicothe to Help Youths in Need

Jamie Brown explains the "Holiday Hotcake Hootenanny" to be hosted by Sojourners Care Network on December 14th, 2023.

Chillicothe — An organization that is a second chance for those who dropped out of high school is offering a fun family event Thursday.

The Sojourners Care Network is hosting what they hope to be their first annual “Holiday Hotcake Hootenanny” as a fund raiser for their YouthBuild program.

After Monday’s Chillicothe City Council session, I asked Jamie Brown, Sixth ward representative, to explain the event and the organization that is his day job.

The “Hootenanny” will have a breakfast of hotcakes and more for supper, Santa and other surprise guests, and carols and karaoke.

It will be 5 to 6:30 pm December 14th, 2023 in Ohio University Chillicothe’s Shoemaker Center. It’s $10 per person, $30 per family. Learn more in their Facebook event page, or by Facebook messaging or calling Brown at 740-357-7428.

Brown explained that YouthBuild is a second chance for dropouts to recalibrate and get a GED and / or vocational training, which also helps workforce development. Their system also helps homeless and runaway youth to stay in their community. Hear much more in the below interview video.

Their facilities include the Sojourners Main Campus and Family Center & Administrative Offices in McArthur, the Ross County Visitation Center at 59 West Main Street in Chillicothe, and the Athens Resiliency Center in Athens.

They have a website, which is more of a blog on events and programs.