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Here Comes “the Boom” Night Flying Over Southern Ohio


SOUTHERN OHIO – The 180th fighter wing has reported that they will be performing night flying tonight, so expect some unusual sights and booms.

The F-16 can travel at more than 1,500 mph, and more than 2 times the speed of sound. At that speed, you could travel from Toledo to Washington D.C. in about 15 minutes. The 180th fighter wing is located in Swanton Ohio which is around 150 miles away from Southern Ohio, but only takes minutes to get around Ohio during training missions.

Local “booms” are not uncommon when these jet fighters hit the speed of sound called a sonic boom. You may hear these overnight the next few nights and wonder what it is.

“Training flights normally take place during daylight hours, but F-16 pilots and maintenance personnel are required to conduct night operations as part of their overall readiness training.”

The jets plan to fly from October 20th at night weather permitting, these days may be moved because of weather, so look up you might get to see some skilled pilots flying.