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Heavier Superload will Start North from Southern Ohio Tomorrow, Expected in Pickaway County this Weekend


Columbus, Ohio – On Wednesday, March 27, the transportation of the third “super load” is set to commence, departing from a dock near Manchester in Adams County. The load, expected to weigh a staggering 549,000 pounds and measuring nearly 21 feet tall, 18 feet wide, and over 172 feet long, will follow the same route as its predecessors, destined for Hebron. It is scheduled to reach its destination on Saturday, March 30.

While the previous two super loads weighed in at 390,000 pounds each, this third load presents a significant increase in weight and size, necessitating careful planning and coordination for its journey. Although no official closures or detours are planned, motorists should anticipate slow-rolling roadblocks and prepare for extended delays along the route.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has meticulously assessed and prepared the route to ensure the safe passage of these super loads. Each load will be escorted by multiple Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers, facilitating the smooth flow of emergency traffic around the convoy with minimal disruption. Collaborating with local authorities and utility companies, adjustments have been made to accommodate the passage of the super loads, including the relocation of large overhead signs, traffic signals, and utility lines.

To minimize disruptions further, the schedule of each load will be synchronized with local events, such as festivals and fairs. Advance notifications will be issued before each load departs from the dock near the village of Manchester, with ongoing updates provided as the convoy progresses towards central Ohio.

For additional information, updates, and email alerts, interested individuals can visit the official ODOT website at transportation.ohio.gov/superload.

The designated route for this super load includes various highways and roads, spanning several counties from Adams to Fairfield, and concluding in Hebron. Motorists are advised to exercise caution and patience while sharing the road with these oversized loads to ensure a safe journey for all.