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Hank Aaron Baseball Legend Dead at 86

Arturo Pardavila III from Hoboken, NJ, USA

US – A baseball legend has finished the 9th inning today, Hank Aaron has died at 86

Considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time, his daughter confirmed to WSB-TV in Atlanta of his death.

Aaron who broke Babe Ruth’s record in 1973 with a home run record of 714

During his career Aaron made 25 all star teams won NL MVP in 1957. He was only 20 when he started his career and played for 23 seasons.

Atlanta Braves retired his 44 Uniform into the Hall of Fame in 1982.

Aaron World Series victory in 1957 — the same year he won National League MVP. He also won 3 Gold Gloves, 2 NL batting titles and led the NL in home runs in 4 separate years.

Hank held the home run record of 755 for many years until Barry Bonds broke it in 2007.

Aaron was a hero until his death, advocating for COVID-19 vaccination shots for African Americans just last month. Hank started his career of in the Negro Leagues with the Indianapolis Clowns in 1951, he signed with the Braves in 1952 and a star was born.