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Halley’s Comet Will Shower Us With Meteors this Week


US – The Eta Aquarid meteor shower will brighten our midnight skies throughout May with dozens of shooting starts per hour.

The shower has already started, and will last until May 28th, but peaks MAy 5th in the early morning hours according to the American Meteor Society (AMS). Meteors should be visible from 3 a.m. to dawn each morning, with best viewing from 3:25 to 4:25 a.m., according to the Griffith Observatory.

May 5th and throughout this week gazers can expect up to 30 meteors per hour in some locations.

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower originates from Halley’s Comet, according to NASA. When the Earth passes through debris left behind by the comet each year, the space dust burns up in our atmosphere, causing the bright trails we know as shooting stars.

Best place to see shooting stars is outside of cities and away from light pollution. Give your eyes some time to get used to the dark and stare up. This storm does not have a direction so you can see them all over the night sky so make sure your view is mostly unobstructed.