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Grove City Sergeant Retires After 25 Years of Service


Grove City, Ohio (February 2, 2024) – Sergeant Christopher Emmelhainz officially retired from the Grove City Division of Police yesterday, capping off a dedicated 25-year career serving the community.

A Career of Dedication:

Sgt. Emmelhainz began his law enforcement journey at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office before joining the Grove City Division of Police. Throughout his years of service, he wore many hats, including roles in Bike Patrol, Traffic Crash Investigation, Field Training Officer, and Officer in Charge. His dedication and leadership qualities led to his promotion to patrol sergeant and later, detective bureau sergeant.

Community Impact:

Sgt. Emmelhainz’s impact on the Grove City community is undeniable. His contributions to various units and leadership roles reflect his commitment to public safety and service. His colleagues and superiors consistently commend his professionalism, work ethic, and dedication to upholding the law.

Moving Forward:

As Sgt. Emmelhainz embarks on a well-deserved retirement, the Grove City Division of Police expresses its sincere gratitude for his years of service. They extend their best wishes for a happy and fulfilling retirement, filled with joy and opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sgt. Emmelhainz served the Grove City community for 25 years.
  • He held various roles within the police department, demonstrating dedication and leadership.
  • His colleagues and superiors praise his contributions to public safety.
  • The Grove City Division of Police wishes him a happy and fulfilling retirement.