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Greenfield Police Department Offers Free Lawn Care Services for Seniors and Disabled Veterans


Greenfield, OH – In a gesture of community support and service, the Greenfield Police Department has announced a special initiative aimed at assisting senior citizens and disabled veterans with their lawn care needs. Beginning the first week of May and continuing through the end of September 2024, the department will provide free bi-weekly lawn care services, subject to availability.

Chief Misty, on behalf of the department, expressed their commitment to the initiative, stating, “We would like to help our community by offering free lawn care services for our senior citizens and disabled veterans. This will be done on our own time and with our personal equipment and fuel.”

To qualify for this assistance, individuals must be the property owner, reside within the village limits, and sign a waiver of liability. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Misty at 740-895-0790 via call or text. If calling, individuals are requested to leave a message if it is before 4:00 pm, as officers may be on duty. The department emphasizes the importance of using the number listed on the attached flyer to avoid tying up department lines.

This initiative, dubbed “Cutting with the Cops,” aims to provide meaningful support to those in need within the community. The Greenfield Police Department invites community members to spread the word and reach out if they know a senior citizen or disabled veteran who could benefit from this assistance.

For further inquiries or to request assistance, please contact Misty at 740-895-0790.

Greenfield Police Department Helping the Seniors and Disabled Veterans with Free Lawn Care Services If you know a senior citizen or disabled veteran that could use our assistance, please call or text Misty at 740-895-0790.