Home News Governor Dewine Walks Back Mask Order in Certain Circumstances

Governor Dewine Walks Back Mask Order in Certain Circumstances


OHIO – Governor Dewine is backing back on an announcement of amending health orders saying he will go with CDC guidelines.

Last week Dewine said that June 3rd people who were vaccinated could remove masks in any situation due to transmission rates between people who are vaccinated and others.

Today during a 2 pm press conference Dewine said that new guidance that came from the CDC over the weekend now suggests even people who are vaccinated should wear a mask in these situations:

In a healthcare setting

Traveling on public transportation (including airplanes)

When they are at a business/employer that chooses to require masks.

Dewine says that the new orders will reflect these recommendations.

Other situations that will still require masks are masking in congregate settings, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and settings with large numbers of unvaccinated individuals, such as schools and daycare centers.

Dewine said that the CDC recommendations will make it clear that businesses will be able to choose for themselves whether they continue to require masks in their premises. “We understand a business likely has no way to check vaccination status.”