Home News Governor Dewine Tours Sofidel in Pickaway County, Participates in Ground-Breaking Expansion

Governor Dewine Tours Sofidel in Pickaway County, Participates in Ground-Breaking Expansion


Circleville – Sofidel officially broke ground on a promised expansion of the tissue plant located in South Pickaway County today, and Dewine was there to help.

To meet the growing demand in the US market, the Sofidel tissue paper group, well-known in Italy and Europe for its Regina brand, is further strengthening its production capacity with a $185 million investment in its integrated plant in Circleville, Ohio.

Luigi Lazzareschi, Sofidel CEO and Dewine

The Circleville plant built in 2018, which is already home to two paper mill machines Valmet Advantage NTTs, will reach a total production capacity of over 200,000 metric tons per year (+50%) and become Sofidel’s most important production site globally.

Luigi Lazzareschi, Sofidel CEO spoke today about the importance of the Pickaway County plant, “I’m glad we picked today because it is such a refreshing day here in Pickaway County, we are here today to celebrate the growth in this area. We believe we are not just constructing new buildings and installing new machinery but the future of people and the company. The company is almost 60 years old, and we are international worldwide. Today the company employs almost 7000 people, more than 1800 in the US, today on this site we have 500 employees, with this expansion we are planning another 100. Our promise in ten years time would be for 900 employees and we are happy to announce we are ahead of our plans.”

Sofidel expanded into the US in 2012 and today they have revenues of close to a Billion dollars. Pickaway County with the expansion is Sofidels largest operation. Currently, Sofidel has six production sites in six states in the US.

Governor Dewine spoke, “Luigi thank you for choosing to bring Sofidel to Ohio in 2016 and thank you for the continued growth that we are seeing. We are thrilled by your success, and we appreciate it very much. There is a lot to celebrate today for Ohio and Pickaway County. Demand for your tissue paper is great, and with the expansion, you can continue to grow. This company has surpassed its initial commitment and that’s important to note. From the initial 300 new jobs to 500 that are currently working here, the expansion will add another 100 and beyond. We hope that Sofidels success sends a message to other international manufacturers, that you are welcome here in Ohio. We have so much going for us here, we have a strategic location within a day’s drive of 60% of the US population and 60% of the population of Canada. We have the infrastructure, the resources, we have the manufacturers we have the people, we have a business-friendly atmosphere, with a very predictable tax climate. Finally the quality of life here in Ohio, we don’t frankly think it’s better anywhere in the whole world.

Pickaway County Jay Wippel spoke also during the ribbon cutting, “We are proud to have the 500 jobs and the initial 500 million dollar investment, but they have been an extraordinary partner to the community. Consistently demonstrating a commitment to corporate responsibility and development is very important. The dedicated employees who work here at Sofidel are commendable. Pickaway County flourishes with the commitment from the Sofidel partnership. Sofidel reciprocates with opportunities for growth and prosperity to our Pickaway County workers. This expansion isn’t just brick and mortar but more jobs for the area, and 185 million dollar commitment to the area solidifying Sofidels dedication to the success of Pickaway County.”

The project involves the construction of a new building that will house the new Valmet DCT 200 paper mill machine, which will start operation in Q3 2025 with a production capacity of 70,000 metric tons per year.