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Governor Dewine Offers Ready Made Posters for Stores After New Mask Mandate Orders Issued



OHIO – During a State-wide address this yesterday, Governor Mike DeWine announced that Ohio remains in a state of emergency as we are at the most crucial phase of the pandemic and in our third surge of the virus.

A vaccine could be here as early as December and the state will be ready to distribute it to essential workers and then the general population. But until a vaccine is widely available, the Governor announced that Ohio’s facial covering order is now reissued with three additions:

1: All businesses must post a facial covering requirement sign at entrances.

2: Each store will be responsible for ensuring all customers and employees are wearing masks at all times.

3: A newly formed Retail Compliance Unit will be inspecting complaints to ensure compliance of the mask order.

Today Dewine made available new posters that can be printed out that reminds people to wear masks in public here they are below.

He reminded us that gatherings are currently limited to 10 people or less and this applies to public events and private gatherings. A new order will be released in the next few days that will place further restrictions on social activities.

To avoid additional risk by not hosting or attending gatherings the current trend of the increase in cases continues, DeWine announced that restaurants, bars, and gyms could be forced to close once again. A decision will be made after the data is analyzed again one week from today.

“What you do in your life impacts all of us – our communities, our schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and businesses, said Gov Dewine in News Conference.