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Governor DeWine Launches $2 Million Pilot Program to Expand Foster Care Placements Across Ohio


Columbus, Ohio – May 10, 2024

Governor Mike DeWine, alongside Ohio Department of Children and Youth (DCY) Director Kara B. Wente, has unveiled a landmark initiative aimed at revolutionizing foster care placements for Ohio’s vulnerable children. With a significant investment of over $2 million, the Treatment Foster Home Pilot Program is set to transform the lives of foster children facing behavioral health challenges by connecting them with supportive families equipped to meet their complex needs.

Initially introduced by Governor DeWine during his 2024 State of the State Address, this pioneering program builds upon the success of the Northwest Treatment Foster Care Partnership, a collaborative effort among Sandusky, Seneca, Ottawa, and Wyandot counties’ Public Children Services Agencies (PCSAs).

Governor DeWine expressed his optimism, stating, “The Northwest Partnership’s personalized approach to foster family support has proven instrumental in securing stable homes for foster children. By expanding this innovative model statewide, we aim to provide a nurturing environment for more children, guiding them towards realizing their full potential.”

The Treatment Foster Home Pilot Program is designed to offer comprehensive assistance to foster families, including round-the-clock casework support, crisis counseling, and specialized training to effectively address the behavioral needs of children in a home environment.

Following the regional approach adopted by the Northwest Treatment Foster Care Partnership, the pilot program will harness resources from PCSAs across 34 counties, fostering collaboration and maximizing program effectiveness.

Director Wente underscored the program’s collaborative nature, emphasizing the collective effort to create a nurturing environment for foster children across Ohio. “By combining resources from multiple counties, we can create more opportunities for foster children to thrive in stable home environments,” she remarked.

The program will initially encompass nine regional partnerships, expanding the transformative model to 30 new PCSAs and bringing the total number of participating counties to 34. With a keen focus on reducing the number of foster children residing in group settings, the pilot program aims to address the significant behavioral challenges and complex needs faced by these children.

Governor DeWine’s unwavering commitment to Ohio’s foster care system has been evident throughout his tenure. From historic investments to comprehensive policy reforms, the state has remained dedicated to prioritizing the best interests of children and families impacted by foster care.

For those interested in becoming foster parents and contributing to this vital cause, additional information is available on the official Ohio government website under “Foster Care and Adoption in Ohio.”

Under Governor DeWine’s leadership and with the support of the General Assembly, Ohio continues to strive towards providing every child with the opportunity to thrive and succeed.