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Governor DeWine Allocates Over $2.2 Million in H2Ohio Grants for Public Drinking Water Infrastructure Part to Pickaway County


In a move to bolster public drinking water infrastructure across Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine, alongside the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has announced the allocation of over $2.2 million in H2Ohio grants. These funds will benefit more than 250 communities spread across 78 counties, aiding them in procuring essential equipment necessary for the maintenance of public drinking water distribution systems.

Governor DeWine underscored the significance of the H2Ohio initiative, emphasizing its pivotal role in ensuring Ohioans have access to reliable and clean drinking water. “Ohioans deserve to have reliable, clean drinking water, and these H2Ohio grants will help municipalities all over the state make needed investments to their local drinking water systems,” he stated.

Ohio EPA Director Anne Vogel echoed Governor DeWine’s sentiments, expressing gratitude for the continued support from the state government. “We appreciate the support of Governor DeWine and the General Assembly in continuing to fund H2Ohio, allowing us to meet more needs across the state,” Vogel remarked. She highlighted the critical impact of the equipment grants in upgrading public drinking water infrastructure, which serves millions of Ohio residents.

The grants, which were made available through H2Ohio, provided public water systems with the opportunity to apply for funding up to $10,000. The financial assistance covers various distribution system equipment, including mobile leak detectors, line locators, valve exercisers, flow meters, hydrant condition assessors, pressure monitors, and training for equipment operation.

One recipient, Kelleys Island, expressed appreciation for the assistance, particularly in acquiring valve exercising and leak detection equipment. Mayor Ron Ehrbar emphasized the cost-saving benefits and enhanced safety measures afforded by the equipment, highlighting its potential to mitigate injuries and optimize operational efficiency.

This marks the second consecutive year of H2Ohio Public Water System Equipment Grants, following a successful rollout in 2023 where over $1 million was awarded to communities statewide.

H2Ohio, launched in 2019, stands as Governor DeWine’s flagship water quality initiative aimed at addressing multifaceted challenges impacting Ohio’s waters. Through a holistic approach grounded in science and data, H2Ohio endeavors to combat algal blooms, mitigate pollution, and enhance access to clean drinking water by championing best farming practices, minimizing road salt runoff, promoting litter cleanup, facilitating dam removal, fostering land conservation, and revitalizing water infrastructure.

For further information on H2Ohio and its initiatives, interested parties are encouraged to visit h2.ohio.gov. Below is a list of some of the grant recipients:

  • Whispering Pines MHP, Pickaway: $5,600.00
  • Earnhart Hill Reg Water & Sewer District, Pickaway: $10,000.00
  • Twin Pines MHP, Pickaway: $6,194.00
  • SUNSET MOBILE HOME PARK, Pickaway: $5,075.00