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Governor Dewine Aims for Law Enforcement Reform


OHIO – Governor Dewine called today for the general assembly to create a new law enforcement oversight and accountability board that was seeded with both law enforcement and members of the public.

During today news conference Dewine said that, “there is currently no mechanism in #Ohio to revoke a certificate for conduct that is egregious, but not criminal.
Now is the time to begin treating peace officer certificates more like professional licenses.”

Dewine refereed to police officer certificates much like doctors and lawyers licenses that can be revoked under law. The new board would have the authority to suspend or revoke a peace officers license if necessary. Dewine said that law enforcement community that fails to report violations could face penalties also.

Dewine also said that all officers in Ohio should have a body cam for accountability and transparency. Currently most law enforcement in the area already wear body cams, Pickaway Sheriff officers do not. Dewine said that costs to body cams may be covered by future legislature.

The Governor said that Ohio General Assembly to mandate independent investigations and prosecutions for all officer-involved shootings and all in-custody deaths. “It’s time that this process becomes automatic and mandatory for every law enforcement agency in Ohio,” said Dewine.

Chokeholds were a heavy talking point in todays discussion, Dewine asked for legislation to ban choke holds unless it is justified in using deadly force where a officer is fighting for his or her own life or trying to protect the life of another.