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GOP Announces “HEALS” Stimulus Act, Another 1,200 Check


US – GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced a framework for the next stimulus checks that may be in the mail soon.

“Our nation stands at a challenging crossroads. We have one foot in this pandemic and one foot in the recovery. We can’t go back to April, and until we have a vaccine, we can’t go back to normal either. What the American people need is a smart, safe, and sustainable middle ground. And they need Congress’s help to construct it. That’s exactly what our major proposal would do.

The proposal would put another 1,200 dollars of direct payments to Americans. Qualifications to receive a check would be the same as the first round of payments. People who made under 75,000 would receive the full 1,200 dollars each.

What the Heals act has done that the Cares act did not would expand the definition of the 500 dollar dependent category to any age dependent instead of just children under 17.