Home News Giant Solar Project with Grazing Sheep Gets Green Light in Madison County

Giant Solar Project with Grazing Sheep Gets Green Light in Madison County


Columbus, Ohio (March 22, 2024) – The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) has approved a massive solar project in Madison County. The Oak Run Solar Project will be an 800-megawatt solar facility, capable of powering hundreds of thousands of homes, and will include a unique twist: grazing sheep.

The project will encompass roughly 4,400 acres of land within a larger 6,000-acre area. In addition to the solar panels, the project will include battery storage and transmission lines.

Focus on Minimizing Impact

The OPSB placed 46 conditions on the project to minimize its environmental and social impact. These include setbacks from roads and homes, agricultural fencing, and a financial guarantee to ensure proper decommissioning of the facility in the future.

Nation’s Largest Agrivoltaic Project

One of the most interesting aspects of the Oak Run Solar Project is its plan to integrate agriculture with solar power generation. This “agrivoltaic” program will be the largest of its kind in the country, allowing for sheep grazing and row crops to coexist with the solar panels. The project is expected to involve at least 1,000 sheep and 4,000 acres of crops within eight years of operation.

Economic Benefits Expected

The project is anticipated to bring significant economic benefits to Madison County. Local governments and schools are expected to see $8.2 million annually in new revenue. Additionally, hundreds of jobs will be created during construction and for ongoing maintenance of the facility.

For more information, visit the Ohio Power Siting Board website or watch a recording of the approval meeting on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s YouTube channel.