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GIANT Circleville Gun Auction


Come and get them while you still can. Well over 100 firearms are up for auction, tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition , reloading equipment (Make your own ammo!) , accessories, magazines and more!

This world-class event will be held this SATURDAY (Jan 23rd) at 2150 North Court Street (The Old Jim’s Pay N Save) in Circleville by McCain Auction Services, LLC – Realtor/Auctioneer Event starts at 5pm but you are very much encouraged to get there early as this will be HUGE.McCain Auction Services, LLC is Federally Licensed to deal in firearms. All state and federal regulations are followed in the transfer of firearms.

Additional details to follow! Guns and ammo being added daily.be sure to share this with your 2nd amendment loving friends!


AR Pistol w/ 1 32rd mag9mm
Turkish Mauser w/ Scope8mm
18″ Free floated AR6.5 Grendel
Savage Axis 26.5 Creedmoor
91/30 Mosin Nagant w/ Scope7.62x54r
Yugo M70 N-PAP AK477.62×39
Chinese Type 56 SKS7.62×39
Mossberg Maverick 26″ 12 Gauge12ga
91/30 Mosin Nagant6.5 Creedmoor
Superior Arms Ar15 W/ Bushnell Scope5.56mm
Glock 45 w/ 2 Mags (new)9mm
Glock 19 W/ Extras9mm
Glock 199mm
Taurus 94? Chrome pistol38spl
Glock 22 w/ extras40sw
Glock 21 w/ extras45acp
Phoenix Arms Pistol25acp
PSA 20″ Magpul AR155.56mm
Marlin 336 Lever Action30-30
Marlin 336 Lever Action357 Magnum / 38 Spl
Stevens? Single Shot20 Gauge
Colt m4a1 w/ extras5.56mm

Primers, a Lee progressive press, multiple caliber dies, bullet casting equipment, empty cases, NEW PRODUCTION 224 (5.56mm) bullets, 38spl/357mag.