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FREE EVENT: Samson Monster Truck PEI Open House in Pickaway County


CIRCLEVILLE – A free event highlighting a well-known famous man in the area will happen this weekend, the home of Samson the Monster truck.

Dan Patrick’s celebrity status is well-known in the area. Patrick is famous in the monster truck world for creating the standard in the most important part of a monster truck, its Chassis.

Dubbed the “Patrick Chassis” the framework of his invention has created the building block for most monster trucks in competition today. So if you have seen a monster truck lately there’s a good chance that the frame underneath came from right here in Circleville Ohio’s own Monster truck plant.

Dan Patrick started out his career at age seventeen competing with multiple engine tractor pulls, then he went big time by 1983 professionally. He went from tractors to funny car pulls, and that’s where the man found his legacy. Patrick began creating his own pulling chassis to sell to other competitors a bold on the platform. From the proceeds, Dan then set his aim towards monster trucks and in 1988 became the owner and CEO of Samson 2. Patrick during this time fabricated the chassis that is now known worldwide. Patrick is considered one the most respected fabricators in the field with trucks like Bigfoot, Grave Digger, and Bounty Hunter, all using his chassis.

Every year, except during the Covid Pandemic, he’s opened his complex up for a free event.  Located at 26886 Morris Salem Road in Circleville, the open house offered tours of the facility, monster trucks on display, fun kid activities, a car show, and monster truck rides.

Dan Patrick said, “I always worry every year that people will not come but they do. We generate no money for this event. We do this for Pickaway county area. during an interview with Sciotopost.

This years event will occur Saturday June 10, 2023 from 10 am to 5 pm