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Former Teacher Indicted in Child Sex Crimes Involving Ex-Wife


Gallia County – After an exhaustive investigation by criminal investigators and two special prosecutors, the Gallia County Grand Jury this week indicted former Gallipolis resident Matthew Huck, formerly a teacher and wrestling coach at River

Valley High School in Gallia County, on three third degree felony charges of Complicity to Commit Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor and one first degree felony charge of Rape of a female student in 2004.

The indictment specifies that, in 2016, Mr. Huck unlawfully assisted his then wife Michal Paige Huck when she – in violation of the law and on several occasions — engaged in sexual activity with two male students between the ages of 13 and 16.

Evidence gathered by investigators shows multiple instances of Mr. Huck aiding and abetting Ms. Huck in this twisted pattern of sexual abuse. The Grand Jury previously indicted Ms. Huck for her role in these crimes and she is currently awaiting trial.

In an even more serious charge, the Grand Jury also indicted Mr. Huck for raping a teenager who was a student attending River Valley High School. The attack occurred at a nighttime event held at the Huck house in August 2004. The victim’s identity is protected by state law.

Special Prosecutor Mark R. Weaver said Huck was a teacher and coach who spent most of his time around teenagers whom he was required to protect but, all the while, he was scheming to see them sexually abused and, in one instance outlined in the indictment, he did more than scheme – he raped a girl.”

Special Prosecutor David Kelley “Many people in Gallia County suspected this was happening but we needed hard evidence to prove it – now we have it.”

Kelly said “We’ll be asking a jury of his peers to hold Matthew Huck fully accountable for his predatory behavior.”

Weaver said “Parents in this community trusted Matthew Huck to look out for their kids a0nd he betrayed that trust,” Weaver added. “The evidence makes it clear that Matthew Huck now must face justice.”

Weaver went on to praise the victim of the rape.’

He said “This woman bravely came forward to tell us what happened.”

Weaver went on to say, “She did the right thing and her willingness to speak up may well save others from being victimized.”

If convicted on all counts, Mr. Huck faces a prison sentence of up to 26 years and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Kelly thanked Gallia County Sheriff Matt Champlin and his team – as well as Attorney General Dave Yost’s Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation – for working this case from the ground up.

After meeting with the Grand Jury. Kelley agreed, adding, “These law enforcement partners of ours have done right by the community and everyone owes them a debt of gratitude.”

Kelley spent nearly three decades as the Adams County Prosecuting Attorney and as an Assistant Prosecutor in other Ohio counties. Weaver was the Deputy Attorney General of Ohio and has served as a special prosecutor in a dozen Ohio counties, including numerous child sex cases and two death penalty prosecutions. He is currently an Assistant Prosecutor in Marion County.

As with all indictments, the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in court.