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Former President Trump Grants Pardon for 13 Marijuana Prisoners Including One from Ohio Serving Two Life Sentences

John Knock (right) pictured with his ex-wife and son.

OHIO – John Knock was sentenced to two life sentences plus twenty years for a marijuana related offense. Today John is a free man, after former President Trump granted him pardons.

Knock was imprisoned in 1996 for charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana; conspiracy to import marijuana; conspiracy to money launder. According to court documents he was charged in a large marijuana trafficking conspiracy that involved the transport of the drug over Canada borders.

In 2001 he was found guilty and even admitted to his part and expressed his regret for it. Since 1996 he has been incarcerated. His sister Beth Curtis from Zanesville has been fighting for him ever since. Her website lifeforpot.com created in 2008 is dedicated to finding federal nonviolent inmates who had received the sentence of life without parole for marijuana and advocate for them.

Since her brother’s sentence, she has been fighting for her brother and made a statement on Facebook after reading that her brother now 71 was pardoned.

“Tonight my brother, John Knock was granted clemency by President Trump. I can only say Thank You. Thanks to everyone who supported his petition and supported the petitions of other nonviolent marijuana offenders serving life and other egregious sentences. There were 8 clemencies granted to people on the Life for Pot site. We will always support mercy and compassion for this category”

Hundreds have retweeted and commented on her success on her page.