Home News Former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder Indicted on State Charges

Former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder Indicted on State Charges


Columbus, Ohio – Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced today the indictment of former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder on multiple state felony charges related to campaign fund misuse and ethics violations. The indictment, filed in Cuyahoga County, accuses Householder, 64, of 10 felony charges, including theft in office, aggravated theft, telecommunications fraud, money laundering, and tampering with records.

Yost emphasized the seriousness of the charges, stating that a conviction could permanently bar Householder from holding public office in Ohio. The indictment alleges that Householder misused campaign funds to finance his personal criminal defense in his federal case and failed to disclose relevant information in Joint Legislative Ethics Committee filings.

Householder was previously convicted on federal charges related to House Bill 6 and FirstEnergy in March 2023, receiving a 20-year prison sentence. The state charges filed today are based on an investigation conducted by a task force organized under the Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission (OOCIC), initiated at the request of the Summit County prosecutor.

Householder, who served as Ohio House Speaker from 2019 until his removal in July 2020 following his federal indictment, faces allegations stemming from his tenure in public office. The indictment underscores the ongoing efforts of the Attorney General’s Office to combat corruption and hold public officials accountable.

The indictment follows similar charges against former PUCO Chairman Sam Randazzo and two former FirstEnergy executives as part of the same investigation. Yost’s actions aim to address corruption linked to House Bill 6 and save taxpayer dollars, with several civil court filings already resulting in significant savings for Ohioans.

The Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission, established in 1986, plays a crucial role in combating organized crime and corrupt activities within the state. The commission assists local law enforcement agencies in addressing various forms of criminal activity, including public corruption and drug-related offenses.