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Former Circleville Safety Director Issues Statement of Clarity to the Citizens of Circleville


Circleville – Stene Wilkinson former safety director for the city of Circleville wanted to clarify the statement that he made to the Circleville City Council on Tuesday, mostly to the Citizens of Circleville. The following is an unredacted statement from Wilkinson.

Citizens of Circleville,

I believe it is necessary to offer some clarity to the events that have transpired over the last ten days. I had no decision, input or involvement with the relief of duty for Chief Baer. The plan was developed and implemented by Michelle Blanton and Kendra Kinney prior to my appointment. There are many claims I reported misconduct within the police department. This is true. I witnessed, in my professional opinion, critical misconduct and training issues within the police organization. I am not painting the entire organization in a broad stroke of the brush. While working with the Circleville Police Department, I noticed a contingent of professional, dedicated officers striving to work diligently to serve and protect the citizens of Circleville The misconduct I wanted to offer transparency on was directed towards the Police Chief, Deputy Police Chief and three Police Sergeants. I do not believe the police officers are corrupt or are in any way intentionally involved. The Police Officers of Circleville are being influenced by a culture of bad practice, poor decisions and toxic leadership. I intentionally remained silent until last evening when I spoke to City Council. I did not want to negatively impact the pending safety forces levy, with news of impotent leadership. I was punished for attempting to bring accountability to the police leadership. I will offer complete cooperation to the Circleville City Council, in order to bring positive cultural change.

Steven A Wilkinson