Home News Florida Man Shoots Down Walmart Delivery Drone During Delivery of Package

Florida Man Shoots Down Walmart Delivery Drone During Delivery of Package


Clermont, OH – A recent incident involving the shooting of a Walmart delivery drone has resulted in charges against Dennis Winn, as reported by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. On June 26, 2024, deputies responded to a complaint in Clermont, where witnesses observed a Walmart delivery drone being shot. The drone’s payload was found with a bullet hole, prompting authorities to identify and locate Dennis Winn at his residence, the site of the incident.

Upon making contact with Winn, deputies conducted a Miranda interview, during which Winn confessed to firing a single shot at the drone using a 9mm pistol. Subsequently, Dennis Winn was arrested and charged with Shooting at an aircraft, Criminal mischief damage over $1,000, and Discharging a firearm in public or residential property.

Representatives from DroneUp, a drone delivery service affiliated with Walmart, informed deputies that a promotional crew was conducting mock deliveries nearby. The crew had positioned themselves outside Dennis Winn’s residence in a cul-de-sac when the drone, carrying a payload, began its descent. According to DroneUp employees, Dennis Winn brandished a handgun at the drone before discharging a firearm, causing damage to the drone’s payload.

Following the incident, the DroneUp crew swiftly retreated to their vehicle and returned to Walmart. The damaged drone was also recovered and returned to the store for assessment.

This incident underscores the complexities surrounding the integration of drone technology into everyday operations and the legal repercussions of interfering with such services. Dennis Winn’s case is pending further investigation as authorities continue to gather evidence related to the shooting.