Home News Fight at Atomic Speedway after Accusations of Cheating by Fans Starts Scurmish

Fight at Atomic Speedway after Accusations of Cheating by Fans Starts Scurmish


PIKE COUNTY, OH – An assault at the Atomic Speedway on Blain Highway is currently under investigation by the Ross County Sheriff’s Office. The incident, which occurred on June 23, 2024, left two individuals with visible injuries.

At approximately 11:19 PM, deputies were dispatched to the scene following a report that two attendees had been punched in the head and face. Upon arrival, they made contact with the complainants, two fans who attended the event, who both displayed visible injuries. One had redness on her cheekbone and a swollen bruise on her forehead, while anther had a bloody nose and lip. Photographs of the injuries were taken as part of the investigation.

The complainants stated they were in the stands cheering for a friend when they voiced their opinion that the race winner had cheated. This allegedly angered the winning crew and their family members. After the race, as they headed to their car in the parking lot, they were followed by an individual who proceeded to push and punch them. The assault stopped when the attacker returned to the track area. Both victiums declined medical attention and reported that they did not retaliate during the assault.

Deputies entered the pits to speak with the race winner, Kevin Wills. Wills stated he was unaware of the altercation in the parking lot as he was with his race vehicle at the time. Authorities attempted to contact other involved parties who had already left the scene, requesting them to call the Ross County Sheriff’s Office for further information.

The investigation is ongoing, and no further details have been released at this time. The Ross County Sheriff’s Office continues to gather information and interview witnesses to determine the full circumstances surrounding the incident.