Home News FEMA Approves Public Assistance for Four Counties and State of Ohio

FEMA Approves Public Assistance for Four Counties and State of Ohio


(COLUMBUS, Ohio)—Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced today that FEMA has opened its Public Assistance program to four counties – and the State of Ohio – affected by the severe storms the last week of May.

“Responding to the Memorial Day storms cost local governments millions of dollars, straining local budgets,” said Governor DeWine. “Today, FEMA has agreed to pick up some of those expenses, bringing some much needed budgetary relief. We are grateful for their assistance.”

The four counties are Columbiana, Greene, Mercer, and Montgomery.

Local governments, state agencies, and certain private, non-profit organizations in the four counties are now eligible for federal funds for eligible storm-related response and recovery efforts, including debris removal, emergency protective measures, and damaged infrastructure.

In the June 27 request to the FEMA, Ohio Emergency Management Agency Executive Director Sima Merick included a preliminary damage assessment of about $18.1 million in eligible costs, of which two-thirds, or about $12 million, was debris removal.

Governor DeWine declared a state of emergency for three of these counties (Greene, Mercer and Montgomery) on May 28 after 21 tornadoes hit Ohio. He requested a Presidential Disaster Declaration on June 11, which was approved by President Trump June 18.