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FDA Warns of Lead Contamination in Certain Ground Cinnamon Products at  Dollar Tree and Family Dollar


US – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is urging consumers to throw away and not purchase six brands of ground cinnamon due to elevated lead levels. The affected products were found to contain lead exceeding safe limits for consumption and could pose health risks with prolonged use.

The FDA tested ground cinnamon products from various discount stores and identified six brands with concerning lead content. These brands are:

  • La Fiesta
  • Marcum
  • MK
  • Swad
  • Supreme Tradition
  • El Chilar

These products were sold at various retailers nationwide, including Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Patel Brothers, and Save A Lot.


Product Image
La Fiesta Food Products
La Miranda, CA           
La SuperiorSuperMercadosLa Fiesta250332.73La Fiesta Food Products La Miranda CA - La Superior SuperMercados
Moran Foods, LLC
Saint Ann, MO       
Save A Lot   MarcumBest By:10/16/25 10D804/06/25 0400B1  3.20  2.70Marcum, Moran Foods LLC Saint Ann MO - Save A Lot
Santa Fe Springs, CA 
SF SupermarketMKNo codes2.99MTCI Santa Fe Springs CA - SF Supermarket
Raja Foods LLC
Skokie, IL     
Patel Brothers   SwadKX21223 2.12SWAD, Raja Foods LLC Skokie IL - Patel Brothers
Greenbriar International, Inc.
Chesapeake, VA        
Dollar Tree  Family Dollar Supreme
Best By:09/29/25 09E804/17/25  04E1112/19/25 12C204/12/25 04ECB1208/24/25 08A_ _04/21/25 04E504/21/25 04E5 2025-09-22 09E20 (Missouri)    3.372.262.032.343.143.122.883.13Supreme Tradition Greenbriar International Inc Chesapeake VA - Dollar Tree
El Chilar
Apopka, FL
La Joya Morelense 
(Baltimore, MD)
El ChilarF275EX1026 (Maryland)D300EX1024 (Maryland) 3.402.93El Chilar - Apopka, FL - La Joya Morelense (Baltimore, MD)

The FDA is advising consumers to:

  • Discard any of the listed ground cinnamon products in their possession.
  • Not purchase any of the listed brands in the future.
  • Seek medical advice if they suspect someone has been exposed to high lead levels.

The FDA has also requested that the involved companies voluntarily recall the products, except for MTCI, which they were unable to contact.

Lead exposure, particularly in children, can cause various health problems, including learning disabilities, developmental delays, and behavioral issues. While no immediate symptoms have been reported in connection with these specific products, the FDA emphasizes the importance of discarding them to prevent potential health risks.

Consumers are encouraged to check their spice racks and dispose of any of the listed ground cinnamon products. They can also contact the FDA website or the specific retailer where they purchased the product for further information.