Home News Fairfield County Receives $3.3 Million for Water Infrastructure Upgrades

Fairfield County Receives $3.3 Million for Water Infrastructure Upgrades


Fairfield County is set to receive a significant boost in funding for water infrastructure projects, with State Senator Tim Schaffer announcing a grant of $3,304,146 for the Village of Carroll. The funding, part of the Ohio BUILDS program, will be used to complete phase 3 of the village’s sanitary sewer project, benefiting 501 residents.

In total, the 20th Senate District, which includes Fairfield and Perry counties, will receive $5,562,947 in grant awards. The Village of Crooksville will receive $870,200 to replace two main lift stations in its sanitary sewer system, benefiting 2,534 people, while the Village of Junction City will receive $1,388,601 to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant, benefiting 721 people.

The funding is part of the sixth round of the Ohio BUILDS Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Grant Program, which has provided nearly $620 million in grant dollars to support local water projects across all 88 counties since 2021. This round of funding will distribute $127.7 million across 59 counties, with $84.5 million going towards 43 new projects and $38.2 million towards gap funding for 33 previously funded projects with costs that exceeded initial estimates.

According to Senator Schaffer, “Our communities are working hard to update aging infrastructure, and these funds will allow them to get their projects done quickly and efficiently. Nearly 4,000 residents in the 20th District will see the results of this investment in their quality of life.”