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Fairfield County – Hundred-Year-Old Company has Adapted its Legacy into a Powerhouse Business


Lancaster, OH – In 2023, Calandra Industrial Supply Company, deeply rooted in Fairfield County for over five decades, embarked on a new chapter with a change in ownership. The transition heralded a significant shift for the company, which has evolved from its humble beginnings as a local hardware store into a dynamic business-to-business distributor renowned for its customer-centric approach.

Founded in 1903 as a small hardware store on 124 N. Columbus St., the company underwent several transformations before blossoming into the comprehensive industrial supply distributor it is today. From its inception as Ruff-Hunter Hardware in 1922 under J.D. Hunter and associates to its expansion as Raedel Hardware Company in 1952 under E.C Raedel’s stewardship, the business continued to adapt to meet the evolving demands of professionals, contractors, and local industries.

However, tragedy struck in 1979 when a fire ravaged the store, abruptly halting its 76-year legacy. Undeterred, the company shifted its strategy and relocated to 192 Quarry Road SE, emerging as Calandra Industrial Hardware Company under the leadership of Joseph and Elma Calandra, and later their son Jim until August 2023.

In September 2023, the reins of Calandra Industrial Supply Company passed to Mike Hubbard, a fourth-generation oil and gas industry professional. Hubbard’s extensive experience in the oilfield supply business, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, positioned the company for sustained growth and strengthened industry partnerships.

“We are committed to building upon this legacy of excellence and expanding our footprint in the community,” affirms Mike Hubbard, owner of Calandra Industrial Supply Company.

Assisting Mike in the leadership role is Matt Hubbard, appointed as the company’s president. With a background in entrepreneurship and a proven track record in creative marketing, Matt brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to the table.

“Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives everything we do,” says Matt Hubbard. “We stand behind the products we sell, offering valuable services and full post-sale support to ensure peace of mind for our valued customers.”

Integral to Calandra’s continuity is Phil Skillman, whose unwavering dedication and profound industry knowledge have played a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless transition of ownership.

As Calandra Industrial Supply Company enters this new era, it remains steadfast in its mission to equip industrial, commercial, institutional, and business sectors with quality products and personalized services. With access to over 5,000 manufacturers and nearly $3 billion in purchasing power as a Do It Best INCOM member, the company continues to uphold its commitment to competitive pricing, product availability, and exceptional customer service.