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Fairfield County Holds Emergency Meeting on COVID-19 Community Spread

photo from fairfield.org

FAIRFIELD – Fairfield county Commissioners held a emergency meeting that was initiated by Fairfield County medical due to the overwhelming numbers of COIVD-19 positive cases that were coming into the hospital.

According to a live stream included below Fairfield County Medical CEO John Janoso says that they are at the stage where they may not be able to take more people at the hospital due to not having enough staffing to spread across patients to care for positive cases. He said that the same staff that took care of COVID-19 patients in March are still taking care of people now. “The duration of this event is far longer than anyone anticipated.”

Janoso said that positive cases through drive through testing has gone from a low percentage of positive cases to significantly higher over the last week.

“Our staff is at a point now where we don’t have enough critical care people to care for the number of patients that are coming in to be cared for. Yesterday we had six beds released within two hours they were full again. We cannot even send our sick outside the county into Central Ohio areas becuase they are experiencing the exact same phonomonon at the same time. This is why I am very concerned.”

“What we are doing in the community is failing” CEO Janoso said talking about social distancing use of PPE. “What we are seeing is community spread. Not from Congregate living facilities. I’m greatly concerned as we head into the holidays more cohabitation more family gatherings more events more things people are trying to do in a socially distant way, these numbers could become untenable. There is a point where I cannot take an additional patent before I am putting them at risk, because we don’t have the proper staff to care for them. So if this gets worse we are in big trouble.”

Discussion on COVID-19 fatigue that they are seeing people who are not being socially distanced, wearing PPE properly. “Its hard for people to continue to wear masks after 6 to 8 months, and asking them to do it again for another 6 to 8 months.”

Fairfield County Commissions said during the live feed that this isn’t March its November but its worse now than it was then. We are asking begging for your help in this fight.