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Facebook Prepares for Verdict on Trial of Derek Chauvin Prepared to Enforce Policies


US – Facebook is preparing for the Verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial, saying it will prevent online content from being linked to offline harm and doing their part to keep the community safe.

Facebook said in a press release, “Our teams are working around the clock to look for potential threats both on and off of Facebook and Instagram so we can protect peaceful protests and limit content that could lead to civil unrest or violence. This includes identifying and removing calls to bring arms to areas in Minneapolis, which we have temporarily deemed to be a high-risk location. We will continue to monitor events on the ground to determine if additional locations will be deemed as temporary, high-risk locations. We are also working to protect the memory of George Floyd and members of the Floyd family from harassment and abuse. Under our policies, we will remove content that praises, celebrates or mocks George Floyd’s death.”

Facebook said that it will remove content that violates our Community Standards, including our policies against hate speech, bullying and harassment, graphic violence, and violence and incitement. Something that they have done in the past. They may also limit the spread of contact that their, “systems predict is likely to violate our Community Standards in the areas of hate speech, graphic violence, and violence and incitement. We will remove Pages, groups, Events and Instagram accounts that violate our violence and incitement policy and we will remove events organized in temporary, high-risk locations that contain calls to bring arms.”

Facebook says that protections for George Floyd have a higher level of protection because he was an involuntary public figure, while Former Officer Derek Chauvin is viewed as a public figure and has fewer protections.

Please be aware of these protections as we as Americans vent as the trial comes to a close. To read the full release click here: https://about.fb.com/news/2021/04/preparing-for-a-verdict-in-the-trial-of-derek-chauvin/