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Early Spring Brings Vibrant Wildflowers to Ohio


Columbus, Ohio – March 5, 2024 – Warmer temperatures have ushered in spring early this year, and with it, a spectacular display of wildflowers across Ohio. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Natural Areas and Preserves is excited to announce the launch of their weekly Wildflower Bloom Report, allowing residents to track and appreciate these early signs of spring.

“The breathtaking emergence of spring wildflowers throughout the state is a welcome sight after the long winter,” said Chief Jeff Johnson of the ODNR Division of Natural Areas and Preserves. “Our Bloom Reports are an excellent resource for Ohioans to learn about our native wildflowers and discover the perfect places to experience their beauty firsthand.”

Triggered by rising temperatures and spring rains, Ohio’s diverse array of native wildflowers typically bloom between March and mid-May. This year, the extended warmth in February accelerated their appearance, offering an even earlier glimpse of colorful blooms.

Wooded areas across the state provide a prime viewing ground for these ephemeral spring beauties, which capitalize on sunlight filtering through the canopy before the leaves fully unfurl. While some wildflowers grace most woodlands, the most stunning and diverse displays can be found in undisturbed areas away from urban centers. State parks, nature preserves, and forests offer exceptional opportunities to witness a variety of these protected species flourishing.

The Wildflower Bloom Reports, updated every Friday by botanical experts, provide a detailed breakdown of blooms by region (north, south, and central). Each report highlights currently blooming species, what to expect next, and the best locations for viewing. Additionally, featured state nature preserves, captivating photos, informative trail videos, and unique species information are included.

From bloodroot and mayapple to squirrel-corn, trout lily, Virginia bluebells, and wild geranium, dozens of wildflower varieties paint the Ohio landscape in vibrant hues each spring. Enthusiasts can also keep track of their sightings using the ODNR’s Spring Wildflower Checklist.

The ODNR encourages everyone to observe the blooming wonders in their own backyards or nearby natural areas and share their discoveries on social media using #OhioWildflowers and #ohioheartofitall. Be sure to follow @ohiodnr and @ohionaturalareas on Instagram, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Ohio Division of Natural Areas & Preserves on Facebook for the latest updates and information on Ohio’s vibrant spring wildflower season.