Home News Domestic Dispute at Homeless Camp Leads to Arrest in Ross County

Domestic Dispute at Homeless Camp Leads to Arrest in Ross County


CHILLICOTHE, OH – On June 20, 2024, deputies responded to a 911 call reporting a domestic dispute at a homeless camp off Charleston Pike near Narrows Road in Ross County. Upon arrival, they discovered a male suspect had fled the scene on foot prior to their arrival.

The deputies were informed that the fleeing male, later identified as Everett Edmonds IV, had exhibited threatening behavior towards others at the camp. An investigation was launched immediately.

According to the report, the 911 caller directed deputies to the camp by following visible smoke. Upon reaching the site, they found three tents spaced several yards apart, a large fire pit, and significant amounts of trash, debris, and hazardous materials scattered throughout the area.

Witnesses at the camp reported that Edmonds had thrown a can of spray paint into the fire, causing it to explode and sending embers onto a nearby tent. Although minor damage was reported, the female resident of the tent declined to press charges, only requesting that Edmonds leave her alone.

Another resident, fearing for his safety and property, reported that Edmonds had brandished a baseball bat and expressed a desire to pursue criminal charges. He provided a written statement to the deputies.

Due to the numerous violations of the Ohio Revised Code regarding litter and rubbish, the deputies warned the camp residents to clean up the site by June 24, 2024, or face criminal charges.

Approximately 20 minutes after the deputies left, they were called back to the scene as Edmonds had returned and was reportedly threatening people again. The deputies found Edmonds hiding near the camp. During the search, they encountered obstacles such as broken glass deliberately placed on the path.

Edmonds was arrested for one count of menacing. He was handcuffed, read his Miranda rights, and transported to jail.

Everett claimed he threw the spray paint can into the fire because he thought it was nearly empty. The deputies advised him to clean up his campsite upon his release and allowed him to call his mother to collect some of his belongings.

According to the Auditor’s Office, the property where the tents are located belongs to GO-MART INC, with some of the litter on Ross County Park District property. Follow-up is planned for June 24, 2024, and if the site is not cleaned, appropriate charges will be filed, and the EPA and Ross County Litter Control will be notified.