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Dog Licenses Due for Man’s Best Friend

Ross County Auditor Jeff Lehner comments on dog licenses being due now.

Ross County — My dog is legit again. Is yours? It’s time to renew that dog license!

If you haven’t gotten a letter from the Ross County Auditor and you have a dog older than three months, state law requires that it have a license.

In Ross County, it’s still only $10 a dog. (My relatives in Franklin County must pay much more.) That fee goes to the Ross County Humane Society.

I spoke with auditor Jeff Lehner at his lobby in the courthouse while he took a lunch break from the year-end county budget hearings, and he explained the process and the seven other places you can get a license or renewal in Ross County.

The deadline is January 30th, but the county commissioners can extend it past that – but then, the state exacts a penalty.

Lehner also mentioned the progress on the county budget.