Home News Disorderly Conduct Arrest Leads to Narcotics Recovery in Ross County

Disorderly Conduct Arrest Leads to Narcotics Recovery in Ross County


In a recent incident on April 3, 2024, Ross County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a disorderly conduct call in Chilicothe, Ohio, which culminated in an arrest and the recovery of narcotics.

Deputy Jacob Johansen was dispatched to the scene where he encountered Jason Sherrick, who exhibited watery, bloodshot eyes with dilated pupils unresponsive to light. According to Johansen, Sherrick explained that an argument had ensued after he requested his partner, to let a cat into their residence.

Upon speaking with Richards, it was revealed that Sherrick had spent the day under the influence of methamphetamine and had returned home agitated, resulting in a confrontation. His partner expressed her desire to have Sherrick removed from the premises, disclosing the presence of drug paraphernalia which Sherrick had allegedly placed in her TV stand drawer.

Following the interaction, Johansen read Sherrick his Miranda rights and conducted a preliminary search, to which Sherrick claimed to possess only cigarettes and a lighter. However, during a subsequent search conducted by found, a white folded paper containing a crystalline substance was discovered in Sherrick’s possession. The item was promptly secured as evidence.

Sherrick was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct by intoxication due to his evident impairment and behavior. Moreover, the discovery of the suspicious substance prompted further investigation, with Deputy Johansen initiating procedures to send the suspected narcotics to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) for analysis, potentially leading to additional charges.

Sherrick was issued a summons for a court appearance scheduled for April 11, 2024, at 9:00 AM, to address the disorderly conduct charge and any potential further charges arising from the narcotics recovery.