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“Denouncing Racism” Resolution Still in Progress in Chillicothe Council


Chillicothe — Council heard that the official response to KKK flyers distributed in the city in March is being delayed to make the statement more inclusive.

Lisa Bennett, chair of the Community Affairs committee, held a meeting just before the June 10th, 2024 council session. She said they wanted to wait a little longer in order to allow more public input into the “Denouncing Racism” resolution.

Council president Kevin Shoemaker has sent out a letter in support of the statement and urging speed to release it on Juneteenth. One of three events in the city celebrating the final end of slavery at the end of the Civil War is that day, June 19th. But Bennett said she wants to take time to do it properly.

In our below video interview, Bennett said the resolution should show that Chillicothe is a loving community of acceptance and support, that wants fairness and justice for everyone, and does not want to see racism.

She says she wants it to be a community decision but it will take time to do it properly. Input through social media is good, but she also wants input from those who are not comfortable with it – she wants all to be heard and for the statement to be well-written.

Bennett says it will be promoted in the Gazette and news media, on the city website and Facebook page, in neighborhood mayor’s offices, and in council. She welcomes emails. (Find contact information in the city’s website.)

The KKK flyers distributed in March, mostly in the West End, were from out-of-town groups, and Bennett says she does not want them to feel welcome. They were also found in Circleville and elsewhere, as reported in the Scioto Post.

Council also went into a 10-minute executive session on collective bargaining.

Chillicothe Council president Kevin Shoemaker’s letter in support of the “Denouncing Racism” Resolution.
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