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Community Call to Action: Federal Railroad Associate Addressing Blocked Crossings


OHIO – Communities across the nation are being invited to share their experiences with blocked crossings, where trains remain stationary at at-grade crossings for extended periods. This initiative aims to gather information from affected individuals and communities to find effective solutions in collaboration with stakeholders and railroad companies.

A blocked crossing occurs when a train halts at a crossing, preventing vehicles and pedestrians from passing through. These incidents can lead to traffic congestion, safety concerns, and delays for commuters and emergency responders.

Residents are encouraged to report instances of blocked crossings in their communities through the designated portal. By providing firsthand accounts, communities can contribute to identifying patterns, assessing the impact, and exploring potential remedies.

Efforts to address blocked crossings require collaboration among local authorities, railroad operators, and community members. By sharing their experiences, residents can help identify areas for improvement and advocate for solutions that prioritize safety and efficiency.

The information gathered from the portal will be used to facilitate discussions and develop strategies to mitigate the occurrence of blocked crossings. Working together, communities and stakeholders can find innovative approaches to enhance the flow of traffic and ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

To participate in this initiative and share your experience with blocked crossings, visit https://www.fra.dot.gov/blockedcrossings/ and contribute to the ongoing dialogue aimed at finding effective solutions for communities nationwide.