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Columbus – Half a Million Dollar Scratch Ticket Winner was Gifted by Ex-Husband


Columbus, OH – A lucky twist of fate landed Columbus resident Karen a life-changing windfall thanks to a scratch-off ticket gifted by her ex-husband. Karen, whose last name was not disclosed, recently scratched her way to a cool $500,000 with a “When It’s Gold Outside” ticket!

The lucky ticket, purchased at Metro Beer & Wine Drive Thru on N Hamilton Rd, came as a surprise gift from Karen’s ex. Their tradition of exchanging scratch-offs took an unexpected turn for the better, proving his usual “good luck” rubbed off on her in a big way.

“I couldn’t believe it at first,” Karen shared, recounting the moment she discovered her win. “I scanned the ticket with the app, and it said ‘$500,000’! I started screaming, and we’re still in shock!”

After mandatory tax deductions, Karen will take home a hefty $360,000. While her plans for the windfall include wise investments, she shared the heartwarming detail that she’ll even extend some of her good fortune to her ex-husband, showcasing the spirit of their unique bond.

This story serves as a reminder that even unexpected gifts can hold hidden surprises, and sometimes, good luck truly travels in unexpected circles. Congratulations to Karen on her incredible win!