Home News Columbus Bomb Squad Responds to Vietnam War-Era Bomb Scare in Oakland

Columbus Bomb Squad Responds to Vietnam War-Era Bomb Scare in Oakland


Columbus, Ohio – The Columbus Bomb Squad was summoned to a residence in Oakland today following reports of a man bringing home a Vietnam War-era bomb. According to initial reports received around 2 p.m., the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Department was alerted to the presence of the bomb, which had been purchased at an estate sale.

Upon arrival at the scene, law enforcement officials discovered the bomb situated on the back of a pickup truck. In response, authorities swiftly secured the area and called in the bomb squad for further assessment and disposal procedures.

The bomb in question was identified as a Mk 76, an 11.3-kilogram practice bomb commonly utilized for training purposes during the Vietnam War era. Designed as a low-cost, low-risk alternative to live munitions, the Mk 76 simulates the impact of larger bombs, including those weighing 500, 1000, and 2000 pounds. Notably, the device is entirely non-explosive and employs a smoke cartridge to mark the point of impact.

Describing the bomb’s composition, officials noted its obsolescence, featuring a tear-drop-shaped, cast-metal body with a centrally bored structure. The tail-tube assembly, integral to the bomb’s functionality, is securely affixed to the body, while the conical afterbody serves to cover and protect the tail-tube assembly.

Of paramount importance, authorities emphasized that the bomb lacks any explosive content and cannot be converted into an explosive device. Additionally, safety precautions are in place, with the firing pin assembly and signal securely fastened within the bomb’s body.

While the incident prompted concern and necessitated a swift response from law enforcement, authorities stress that there is no imminent threat to public safety. The Columbus Bomb Squad, equipped with specialized training and expertise, managed the situation with precision and caution.